Do You Have The Right Chain On Your Bike?


Do You Have The Right Chain On Your Bike?


Do You Have The Right Chain On Your Bike?



By Mallory Wainwright 2/6/2023

When it comes to dirt bikes, the chain is one of the most critical components in the drive system. The chain transmits power from the engine to the rear wheel, and a poorly maintained or worn chain can cause significant performance issues. There are three main types of chains used in dirt bikes: standard MXchains, O-ring chains, and X-ring chains. You will learn the differences between these three types of chains and help you choose the right one for your application.

Standard MX Ring Chains

Standard MX ring chains are the basic and typically least expensive type of chain used. They are made up of simple metal plates connected by pins and rollers. These chains have no sealing mechanism, and their simple design results in lower manufacturing costs. However, standard MX chains require regular lubrication and maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear. The advantages of an MX chain are lighter weight and less rolling resistance. They are suitable for dry and dusty conditions, but not recommended for extended trail rides with wet or muddy environments. This is why it is the common choice for the motocross rider. 

O-Ring Chains

O-ring chains are the next best thing to the standard MX ring chains, this being that they have rubber O-rings that seal the gaps between the plates, pins, and rollers. This design keeps dirt, dust, and water out of the chain, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. O-ring chains are a popular choice for off-road riders as they provide excellent performance in wet and muddy conditions. However, the rubber O-rings do produce more friction, which can reduce performance compared to the standard MX ring chains.

X-Ring Chains

X-ring chains are the most advanced and expensive type of chain used in dirt bikes. They have a unique X-shaped sealing mechanism that provides a better seal than O-ring chains. This seal holds the chain lube much longer resulting in reduced friction,  better performance and longer lifespan than both standard MX ring and O-ring chains. X-ring chains are the preferred choice for professional racers and serious off-road riders who demand the best performance and durability from their bikes.

Choosing the Right Chain for Your Dirt Bike

When choosing the right chain for your dirt bike, you need to consider several factors, including your riding style, the conditions in which you will be riding, and your budget. If you are a casual rider who mostly rides in dry conditions, a standard MX ring chain may be suitable for you. If you frequently ride in wet and muddy conditions, an O-ring chain is a better option. If you are a serious rider who demands the best performance and durability, an X-ring chain is the ideal choice. Consider your needs and budget and choose the chain that best meets your requirements. 

Let us know which one you like and why in the comments! 

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