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TM Designworks - KTM Lower Chain Guide Pad - KTM-FP2

TM Designworks - KTM Lower Chain Guide Pad - KTM-FP2

$ 24.95

For over thirty years, TM Designworks has been manufacturing innovative and unique products in the motorcycle industry. TMD has been recognized as the leader in chain slide-n-glide technology.


  • Used exclusively by the Factory KTM team worldwide.
  • Eliminates chain binding, wheel lockup, horse power off jumps.
  • Chain Guide pads lower surface drag and chain plate wear.
  • Powerlip technology to keep chain in line and produce less noise.
  • New radius helps feed fed directly to rear sprocket.
  • Stock aluminum bushing is installed for durability and light weight.
  • Available in black, blue and orange.

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